ICOPAL S.A. Certificate in Zduńska Wola

This certificate confirms taking part in a seminar regarding wieldable roofing felts and mechanically attached felt shingles, Icopal Bitumen Liquids asphalt layers, Styrofoam products, Icopal rain gutter system, DECRA roofing panels system, ICOPAL WULKAN 2000 chimney system, FASTLOCK light roofing panel system, scaffolding foils system, ICM smoke flaps system, MONAPERM water vapour permeability.

Certificate ISOGLASS

This certificate grants “BUD-ART” with the authorisation to create flat roofs in wieldable roofing felt ISOGLASS technology and authorises the firm to grant warranty for ISOGLASS products.

Certificate International Paint Sp. z o.o.

Certificate for protect against fire damage up to 120min.

Attestation GAMRAT

This attestation confirms participation in a training seminar on the subject of technical data and DachGam roof membrane montage.